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Prices listed below are exclusive of VAT and delivery.

UV Canon UV-spot for E-40/400W  

  • High quality reflector

  • With security grille

  • Enormous strong UV-beam

  • Narrow bundled light

  • Suitable for larger distances

  • Power consumption - 700 Watts

  • Dimensions: 355 x 355 x 305 mm

  • Weight 9kg

  • Price: R5500.00

UV Canon 400W

SL-UV LED PAR ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT EFFECTThis SL-UV light effect is designed to replace traditional UV cannons. It is around a tenth of the size and has very low power consumption. The on-board, easy-to-use menu functions include: brightness setting, fade in and out, sound-to-light strobe Price: R2779.60


UV LED Par 64 Flatpar 186x 10mm UV

 This flatpar is a par with 186 super bright UV LEDs in a compact casing that can fit almost anywhere. The fixture offers UV light to create stunning effects. Features a.o. a sound and strobe mode, colourfading in/out mode, electronic dimming, variable speed-function etc. or create your own looks using the 7-channel DMX mode. The UV light provides an extra dimension to white clothing and objects illuminating brightly. The unit can be linked together in daisy chain. 

  • Super bright 10mm power UV LEDs

  • Universal DMX control or stand alone

  • Master/Slave operation

  • Sound activated and Auto mode

  • Menu with LED display

  • Built-in programs

  • Electronic dimming 0-100%

  • Double bracket also acts as floor stand

  • Daisy chain possibility (Power & DMX)

  • Energy efficient

  • Fan cooled

Price: R1970.00

UV LED Par 64 Flatpar 7x18W RGBWAUV

 A high power-LED Parcan with 7x 18W RGBAWUV (6-in-1) HEXcolor LEDs in a slim casing designed for high light intensity and optimal color mixing. The UV light provides an extra dimension to white clothing and objects illuminating brightly. The device is able to operate in modes such as Auto, DMX, stand alone and master/slave. Features an IR remote controller, strobing, fading, flash, dimming modes and has several sound activated built-in programs or create your own show using the 10-channel DMX mode. 

  • 7x 18W LED RGBAWUV 6 or 10 DMX channels Master/Slave operation

  • Built-in microphone and sound sensitive

  • DMX LED display

  • Dimming mode, flash, fade, and color strobe effect

  • IR Remote control

Price: R4370.80

UV Bubble Machine Portable 250ml Price: R554.00

1l  UV Bubble Fluid Price: R172.40

UV Body Paint (Sold in a pack of 4 x 30ml.  Red, Green, Yellow & White) Price: R116.20

We also stock 30ml, 100ml, 400ml, 1l, and 5l container.  UV Glow paint is also available.

UV Bracelets

Watch as these bracelets change colour in sunlight or at a UV Party.  These bracelets will fit adults and children



Glow Sticks Bracelets for UV Neon Party


These are great and fun for Halloween, Events, parties, Clubs, 4th of July, Camp Grounds, Party Favors, Fundraisers , Weddings, Making Money, Mardi Gras , Camping, Bars and for all Recreational purposes.  

Play with it. There's an endless list of things you can do with it.

Twirl it really fast to create a blur.

Throw it up in the air and catch it.

Some models have got a two to three week delivery period from date of order.

All products have got a 1 (one) year manufacturers carry-in warranty, but the warranty excludes the starters and globes.

All products work on 220/230 Volts, unless otherwise specified.

All special orders require a 50% non refundable deposit.

Should you be outside the borders of South Africa you would have to arrange your own shipping.  (Unfortunately we are unable to send or export goods  to Kenya.)

The most popular configuration of UV lights is the Combination Short Wave/Long Wave units.  When deciding on which UV lamp to purchase, keep in mind that generally, the higher the wattage, the brighter the lamp.  It also follows that the brighter the lamp, the less need there is to use it in the dark in order to see the fluorescent effect.